Eden Plastics is a family-owned company, based in Cumbria, dedicated to supplying oil tanks of the finest quality to clients throughout the county. We have oil tanks available to suit a range of applications including the storage of heating oil. Farmers in Cumbria also use our oil tanks to hold and transport oil on site. 

The price of our oil tanks includes VAT and delivery to Cumbria and anywhere on the UK mainland. Our oil tanks are approved for use with Carbery oil tanks and available for very competitive prices. The standard equipment supplied with our oil tanks include a lockable, oil tank fill/inspection point, 2" dia. fuel tank vent, 32mm. dia. electronic gauge point and oil tank contents dipstick as well as a 1” dia. BSP bottom outlet. 

All Carbery single skin plastic oil tanks are supplied with your choice of Tankpack which enables you to combine your Carbery plastic with industry standard accessories such as:

Carbery Valuepack Bottom Outlet Oil Tank Fitting Kit comprising 1”/0.5” reducer, oil resistant PTFE tape, Heldite liquid sealant, lever type isolation valve and filter

Carbery Ultrapack Bottom Outlet Oil Tank Fitting Kit complete with the popular Apollo Ultrasonic fuel oil tank level monitor

Carbery Smartpack Bottom Outlet Oil Tank Fitting Kit supplied with Apollo Smart – the world’s first integrated oil tank contents gauge and heating oil energy monitor

Our single skin heating oil tanks are ideal for the storage of heating oil which is to be used by a fixed combustion appliance e.g. oil fired boiler, cooker or stove. They are also suitable for holding non-potable water but should not be used to dispense fuel for gravity-fed installations, which include a flexible hose and dispensing nozzle, or an application which has not been listed. 

Prior to the installation of your oil tank, a risk assessment must be undertaken and maintained to certify the product’s suitability for the application. Your oil tank must be installed by a competent person who complies with the building and environmental regulations, supplied instructions and the requirements of OFTEC. 

Your oil tank should be fully supported by a level, fire-retardant base which is capable of supporting both the tank and its contents when fully laden. Failure to support the entire base of your plastic tank may cause irreversible damage and untimely product failure. 

To find out more about the oil tanks available from Eden Plastics of Cumbria, why not give us a call today?