A family-owned company based in Cumbria, Eden Plastics supply a full range of heating oil tanks to homeowners and businesses across the county. Our heating oil tanks are designed to store and dispense heating oil to fixed combustion appliances such as oil fired cookers, stoves or boilers. 

Prices of our heating oil tanks are inclusive of VAT and delivery throughout Cumbria and the rest of the UK mainland. All heating oil tanks are permitted for use with Carbery oil tanks and supplied for very reasonable rates. Our heating oil tanks are supplied with the following equipment as standard:

  • Lockable, oil tank fill / inspection point
  • 2" dia. fuel tank vent
  • 32mm. dia. electronic gauge point
  • Oil tank contents dipstick
  • 1” dia. BSP bottom outlet

Your Carbery single skin plastic heating oil tank will be delivered with your chosen Tankpack, enabling you to connect your Carbery to all industry-standard accessories which include:

Carbery Valuepack Bottom Outlet Oil Tank Fitting Kit: 

  • 1”/0.5” reducer
  • Oil resistant PTFE tape
  • Heldite liquid sealant
  • Lever type isolation valve and filter

Carbery Ultrapack Bottom Outlet Oil Tank Fitting Kit:

  • Apollo Ultrasonic fuel oil tank level monitor

Carbery Smartpack Bottom Outlet Oil Tank Fitting Kit:

  • Apollo Smart - the world’s first integrated oil tank contents gauge and heating oil energy monitor

Your heating oil tank can also be used to hold non-potable water but should never be used in instances where fuel is dispensed for gravity-fed installations which incorporate a flexible hose and dispensing nozzle. It’s advised to only use your heating oil tank for applications specified on this page or by Eden Plastics’ representatives. 

Before installing your heating oil tank, a risk assessment is required to be undertaken and maintained in order to validate the product’s suitability to your chosen use. Only a competent person who is able to comply with building and environmental regulations, instructions supplied and the requirements of OTEC should install your tank. 

It is your responsibility to make sure that the entire base of your heating oil tank is fully supported by a level, fire resistant base which can accommodate the tank when filled to capacity. Failure to support your tank in such a way may lead to irreparable damage and product failure. 

If you are based in Cumbria and would like to discover more about the heating oil tanks available from Eden Plastics, get in touch today.