The animal arks manufactured by Carbery Plastics and supplied by Eden Plastics are popular with farmers and smallholders alike throughout Cumbria. Purpose-built to house outdoor animals, they are manufactured using UV stabilised polyethylene which is maintenance-free and will never rot, rust, corrode or require painting. 

Tough, rugged and durable, the plastic animal arks are very hygienic and easy to clean. With no welds and joints, the arks offer outdoor animals a draught-free living environment and feature a central doorway with low level step which is ideal for housing younger animals within the ark. Our animal arks come complete with anti-crush protection at the rear of each ark, making them suitable for offspring. 

Adjustable air vents on the animal arks enable ambient temperatures to be maintained and the central cut out area allows two or more arks to be placed end to end, increasing capacity. The products are lightweight, particularly easy to handle and supplied with a set of stakes so that they can be easily located and relocated.

Perfect for smallholders, hobby and professional farmers anywhere in Cumbria, the animal arks are stackable when not in use and come with the following as standard:

  • Adjustable inspection hatch and vent
  • Anti-crush protection
  • Central access doorway
  • Central cut out section
  • Door sliders
  • Integrally moulded positioning points
  • Six galvanised stakes

If required, animal arks can be supplied with a creep fender, solid plywood door and/or draught shield for an additional charge. Our products are suitable for pigs, sheep, goats, fowls, chickens, Shetland ponies, and one sow with a litter of up to 10 piglets or up to two calves. 

Keepers of outdoor animals in Cumbria are more than welcome to contact us here at Eden Plastics and find out more about our animal arks. Why not get in touch today?